In The Real Himalayas.......

A finger of accommodation is just enough to give your kids a treat....

Let your fingers do the walking through the camp resort...

The Royal Village is situated with in Government Ski Resort (GMVN tourist complex). There are thirteen alpine type log huts fully equipped and furnished with modern amenities. From each of these huts a heavenly view of the snow clad Himalayan mountain peaks is visible.

The resort also has its own multi cuisine restaurant from where you can drink in the sheer grandeur of the king of mountains, Himalaya. The guest can also avail of the facilities offered by the GMVN i.e. cable car, chair lift, the cafeteria and bar etc.

In Winters

During the winters the snow clad mountains and slopes offer a breathtaking panorama of the great Himalayans peaks and ranges

In Summers

During the summers the lush bugyals (grass covered slopes) and the snow covered mountain peaks offer a totally different but equally beautiful view.


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